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24-Hour Fasting – A Very Simple On or Off Approach

If you are looking for a way to lose fat and gain a multitude of other health benefits and like the idea of a simple “On or Off” approach to achieving them, I highly recommend 24-hour fasting once or twice per week.  What I mean by an “On or Off” approach is that you are either “On” the fast where you are not consuming any calories or “Off” it and are eating as you normally do.

You Have Three Options When You Are “On” the Fast:

  • Water – purified or sparkling water
    • I put ¼ tsp of pink Himalayan salt in each 1ltr of water I drink for electrolytes.
  • A non-caloric tea or black coffee
    • This means no sugar, milk or cream in them as they have calories and will break your fast
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water

How 24-Hour Fasting Worked for Me in Terms of Fat-Loss and Muscle Maintenance

I did this for several months during the summer of 2017 and had excellent fat-loss results.  Why I say excellent results is because, during that summer, I ate more pizza, ate more hamburgers and drank more beer than I ever have in my life, but since I did 24-hour fasting twice per week, my body fat percentage was around 11% and my muscle mass was good.

Here are some shots at Tokyo Summerland, which is a waterpark on the outskirts of Tokyo.  I didn’t Pump Myself Up for these photos.

Bodhi Kenyon Bodhi Kenyon

I worked on my diet for 34 hours per week (48 total hours minus the 7 hours I slept each night during the fast) for about 2 months to achieve the above results.

Although the photo below may be more impressive in terms of being shredded, to attain this level of leanness was a full-time job for months and months and I don’t recommend it for health or as a lifestyle unless you are competing in a physique competition or your goal is to reach extreme levels of leanness.  For this photo, I admit, that I did “Pump Myself Up”:-)Bodhi Kenyon physique

The work I needed to put into the physique of the photo above was 24/7, as I even dreamt of food constantly.  I was on a very high-protein, medium carbohydrate, and very low-fat diet for months to achieve this physique in preparation for a physique contest in Tokyo.  It was a great experience in many ways.  However, measuring and calculating everything that goes into my mouth for months at a time doesn’t work for me anymore as a lifestyle.   Now I enjoy a more relaxed, delicious, whole-food, health-focused approach to eating.

How to Do the Diet When You are “On”

  • Choose the day you will do the fast.
  • If you start it at 10:00 am on a Monday, you will refrain from eating until 10:00 am on Tuesday.
    • In the case that fasting scares you, start at 12 hours and each subsequent fast, add an hour or two until you reach 24 hours.
      • In the case of a 12-hour fast, you could start the fast at 7:00 pm and eat again from 7:00 am the next day.
    • Drink as much water, coffee, tea as you like.
      • If you like apple cider vinegar, add about 1TBS to every 500 liters (16oz) of water
    • When you break the fast, go back to eating as you normally would.

How to Approach the Diet When You Do 2 x 24-Hour Fasts Per Week

  • Make sure that you give yourself a 48-hour “Off Window” between your 2 x 24-hour “Ons”
    • To clarify, this means that if you do you fast between 10:00 am on Monday until 10:00 am on Tuesday, then you wouldn’t go back “On” another fast until, say, 10:00 am on Thursday until 10:00 am on Friday.
  • Experiment and find what days and times work best for you and go for it.

Why This Diet Works – Looking at How One or Two Days of Fasting Per Week Affects Daily Calorie Deficit

  • It works, because each time you fast, you are going into a caloric deficit
  • If you decide to do a 24-hour fast once per week, it works out to approximately a 12.5% deficit in calories over a week’s time. Twice per week would be about a deficit of 25% calories over a week’s time.
    • Breaking that down into a daily caloric deficit, here are the numbers:
      • For an average female eating 2,000 kcals per day, that a DAILY caloric deficit of:
        • 250 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast once per week
        • 500 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast twice per week
      • For an average male eating 2,500 kcals per day, that a DAILY caloric deficit of:
        • 313 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast once per week
        • 625 kcals per day if you do a 24-hour fast twice per week
  • As long as you don’t gorge (overeat) on your “Off” days, you will lose fat. If you are not losing fat on one 24-hour fast per week, “Gird Up Your Loins” (old school for “man/woman up”) and fast twice per week for 24-hours.  The results are waiting for you and they come pretty quick!

Who May Like This Approach

  • I believe that this diet is especially good for people who know they want to continue eating and drinking high-caloric foods that they enjoy – such as pizza, hamburgers & beer in my case in 2017 – yet want to maintain or lose body fat while retaining muscle.
  • People who really want to keep things simple.
  • People who want to have a break from thinking about food all the time.
    • You may realize great time freedom to do other fun and productive things during the times you used to spend on eating or just deciding what to eat.

Why I Like This Approach

  1. It works.
  2. It works fast.
  3. It’s very simple.
  4. There is nothing I need to buy to get started – no supplements, no guides, no BS.
  5. It tests my will.

If you want to dig deeper into this approach, grab Brad Pilon’s book EAT STOP EAT.

Thank you for reading.  I’m here to help and look forward to any comments you may have.

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